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  • Sale! PJ101 coverPJ101 cover
    Punny Jokes

    Punny Jokes 101

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    First volume of Punny Jokes by Papoose with the raw, uncut riddles that formed the basis of the Punny Jokes series by P! of PDP.

    PJ101 cover

  • Sale! Punny Jokes 102Punny Jokes 102
    Punny Jokes

    Punny Jokes 102

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    Punny Jokes 102

    The sequel to Punny Jokes 101, Punny Jokes 102 is 1/101th funnier than its predecessor.

    Available directly from the publisher at a fraction of the price anywhere else right here.

    Download the electronic version directly after purchase.

    Audiobook and paperback copies will be available through this website one day eventually.