Neighborhood Scam Calls

Neighborhood Scam Calls are a problem because when a caller uses the same area code and the same prefix as the one you have, they can trick you into answering the phone and then proceed to run some sort of scam.

The Idea

The idea is that people are more likely to answer the phone if they believe the caller is someone they know or someone from their hometown. By using the same area code and prefix, callers can pretend to be someone local without actually living nearby.

The problem

The problem is that callers can continue changing their phone numbers, so that blocking a specific number does not prevent neighborhood scam calls from getting through and being answered.

Hope exists

But there is a solution. And the solution is rather simple if you’re not committed to keeping the phone number you’ve had or the one linked to your residence.

An alternative

An alternative to changing your number would be to get a Google Voice number, but ultimately, as long as you keep the phone number linked to your residence, you run the risk of these scammers harassing you.

The answer

So what is the answer? Well, I for one found a simple solution that works 100% of the time. It’s actually quite simple and costs nothing.

I got a phone number in an area code where I don’t live or would never visit. Nobody has ever called me from this area code before in my life, and if someone does call me from that area code, I can immediately identify that call as a neighborhood scam call.

What to do

So, what can you do? Get yourself a new phone number from an area code you don’t live in, would never visit, have never received a call from, and would never receive a call from.

Once your number is changed, anybody who calls you with that area code in their number is easily identified as a scammer.

Problem solved

Also, scammers will stop using your local area code and prefix to contact you, so after a few months when the dust has settled, any calls from your local area code will be safe to answer. Problem solved.

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