Mind ForWord

Welcome to Mind ForWord's webpage (A subsidiary of P!apoose Doorbelle Publishing).

On this page, you can learn about the Google Play Android App developed by P!apoose (and hopefully soon the Apple iOS app for iPhone).

If you have questions or comments that are not answered below, please visit our Contact page to ask P!apoose a question directly. But before you do, try reviewing the information below, and you may find the answer is easier than you thought.

Mind ForWord is a Google Play Android app currently in development. At one point, the app was fully functional, but with updates and newer versions of Google Play released, the app's functionality suffered some tremendously horrific losses, and now must be reprogrammed to work in the world of today, which it does not.

The idea is (or was) simple. Solve the picture puzzles to form a single word or phrase answer. Once solved, type in the answer in the space provided, and see if you got the answer right. Easy! Right?

Okay, probably not enough information, so let me break it down for you again.

A puzzle in Mind ForWord starts with two images being displayed. Let's say for our example, there is a picture of a bed on the left, and a picture of Superman on the right.

Now, a bed can be one of several things. It might in fact be the word bed, or it might be the letter Z, as in catching some Z's, or it might be mattress, which is unlikely, or it might be the word sleep, which is possible, and so on.

For the picture of Superman, the first word that comes to mind for me is hero, but it might also be super, or it could be steel, as in the man of steel, or it could be a number of other words that the picture depicts.

Now, there's the hint button. In every puzzle, you have to hit the Hint link to see what the puzzle is referring to. This is essential because some puzzles have the same exact two pictures, but totally different answers.

Without the hint, there's no way of knowing what the answer is supposed to be. I created the puzzles myself, and without the hints, even I couldn't figure out most of the puzzles (make that any of them).

So you press the Hint link. It reads: "The least possible value."

Well, that's confusing, isn't it?

Maybe. Or maybe it's super simple! (Get it? Super? No? Nothing? All right.) So, let's try solving the puzzle, now that we know the hint.

Well, if we assume the picture of the bed stands for the letter Z, and the picture of superman stands for the word hero, then we have Z + Hero.

And Z + Hero as everyone knows combines to form the word Zero.

With the hint of least possible value, we can confidently surmise that Zero is in fact the answer to the puzzle.

Now, let's look at that same puzzle as if it were actually in the app, and see what the pictures would look like if they were professionally drawn by expert cartoonists (not me, I swear), so we can visualize an actual puzzle.

This will be simple because we already know the answer, and a professional drawing person other than me (would I lie?) has depicted the images to make it crystal clear what we are looking at. So here we go...

realistic bed image
realistic bed image
confusing plus sign
confusing plus sign
Perfect superman depiction
Perfect superman depiction

So, these professional images above that I clearly did not just draw on the fly using a sketchpad I downloaded from the App Store depicts a real scenario of a possible puzzle you might encounter in the game.

With the help of a hint, that is available by clicking the word Hint in the game, you can easily determine that the solution is as we previously discussed.

So there it is with professional artwork to help visually identify a puzzle and the answer.

You may be asking, where did Papoose get such expert drawings?

That's a fair question.

Unfortunately, there is no right answer.

Soon, the Android game will be fully functional once we get it compliant with Google's unacceptably stringing policies (read: pay someone to fix it).

But until then, I'll be learning Swift programming, so we can get this game on the Apple store before Google shuts down my fusion tables.

This page has been brought to you by Papoose's hilariously inappropriate Help team, which consists of the following members: Papoose.

Good luck and enjoy the game.