Microwaves for Pets

Simple Solution for Keeping Dogs Healthy

Dog food is not exactly the most reliable source of nutrition for any type of animal. The food wouldn’t pass human grade inspection if it was tested by a blind person.

Reality of Pet Food

Chances are that dog food contains worms or other parasites that can make your dog sick. I’m not saying all dog food contains hazards, but chances are that if you own a dog, no matter what you feed him, if it’s dog food, then it’s not as sanitary as you would imagine.

But there’s a simple solution. So simple, in fact, I can’t believe it took me so long to think of it. The problem was that I assumed dog food bought at the store would be sterile and human grade; meaning it was free of any dangers. That is not the case. There is no agency in existence that tests pet foods for safety, because they are not for human consumption. So therefore, pet food doesn’t necessarily have to pass any inspections or be free of any contaminants or parasites.

The Answer

Today, we live in the age of microwaves. And with a 60 seconds prep in the microwave of a serving for your pet, you can be sure that anything you feed them will not contain anything that can hurt them. In 60 seconds in the microwave, everything dies. Nothing can survive 60 seconds in the microwave. Not bacteria. Not worms. Not anything. Add a third of a cup of milk to the serving, and you can guarantee your dog will wolf down the food before it has time to attract any unwanted intruders while set on the floor, which is another factor to consider. Of course, with milk added to the plate, you may want to increase the cook time by 30 seconds to make sure nothing hides in the cool safety of the liquid deliciousness.

Another Risk

We put our dog food very close to the floor. And our pets will eat pieces that fall out of their serving tray onto the floor. That poses a small risk. Ideally, a placemat that is cleaned and changed every six to seven days can help reduce any threats a pet might get exposed to while eating.

Quick test

If your not sure if your dog is already at risk, take a look at his eyes. Is there a bluish silver glaze over his retina or pupil? If the answer is yes, then go get a double dose of broad spectrum dewormer and make sure your dog takes enough for double his weight. Another easy to spot sign is bad breath. If your dog’s breath smells like fish or hot garbage, and he hasn’t been snacking on fish or hot garbage, then follow the same advice.

ABC – Always Be Deworming

Within three to four hours of taking the dewormer at double strength, any glaze over the eyes will begin to disappear or be completely gone, and another few hours later, any bad breath will be a thing of the past. Once dewormed, be sure to keep their eating area sanitary and always microwave their food for at least 60 seconds before serving it to them.

In summary

It might seem like extra work, but these simple steps can double the lifespan of your pet. Although really, an infection or infestation cuts the pets lifespan in half, so really, you’d just be restoring your pet to the longevity it was supposed to have.

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