Intro Blog Post

Welcome to P!apoose’s blog postings. This being the first posting will be more of an introduction to future blog posts than anything else. I began this site with a vision of publishing resources for emerging artists and educational resources for those aspiring to become writers.

In The Interim

While the website is being built, and that process will take well over a decade, I hope to provide some useful tools and resources to students, writers, and the like to further their potential and progress their own place among us.

Health Too

Additionally, a certain amount of effort will be put into health and wellness. With a background in pharma and pharmacy, as well as finance and entertainment, it seems only fitting that a certain amount of resources be dedicated to helping people stay active and young without breaking the bank or boring themselves to death. And there we have all three fields combined into one singular purpose.


In the coming months and years, P!apoose will grow to include many more resources and information deemed useful to visitors and worthy of the P!apoose brand. To that point, P!apoose takes great care in ensuring that the information provided in this website is timeless, relevant, and valuable, as well as exceptional and excellent in quality and diligence.


Of course, an exception would be the publishing side of the website. P!apoose does not discriminate, judge, or exclude any author, subject, or genre with the intention of being a free publishing resource to emerging artists and hopefuls. Of course, material offering theories and claiming to be fact while labeling itself non-fiction will be flagged as misleading and therefore requiring modification or removal. For the most part, P!apoose focuses on fiction of any variety or genre without any interference or discrimination. Erotica of course would be subject to some review as it is the smut of the writing world and unworthy of the P!apoose brand unless it shows exceptional writing mechanics and style, of which there is virtually none in that genre, so that’s out.

In Summary

In summary, we’ve covered the basics and intentions of this website as well as uncovered a new avenue for this website to include. To that end and in the interest of always providing some form of useful information, we’ll end with this advice.


It is a spice often included in Indian food that has gone overlooked by most others to their own dismay. If ever you feel your mind fading in its ability to reason or perform its cognitive functions at their peak, then Turmeric might be just the supplement needed to get you back in the game.

Of course, since the brain cannot process its own decay or destruction, it becomes a moot point to try to evaluate whether or not your own brain has lost some of its strength. To that end, I highly recommend shopping online at your favorite retailer, perhaps or, and order a bottle of organic Turmeric in pill form. Take two at a time up to three times per day for about four days in a row. After that, you should feel a boost in your mental functions, and if you do, then you can find solace in knowing that Turmeric is a useful and available supplement to keep your mind sharp for years to come. Once you realize your brain needs a boost and benefits from supplementing it with Turmeric, you can reduce your intake of the supplement to once or twice a day.

In Closing

Take your vitamins, visit P!apoose on the daily for useful advice, new publications, cleverly crafted quotes and expressions, and getting some school on, and talk to three midgets a day, because they’re little people, so you can fit more of them into your busy schedule than full size people. Makes sense, right? Can’t argue that logic. All right. Good talk.

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