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With those two resources providing similar content on two different platforms, it'd seem I'm fresh out of topics on Zen, but the truth is, I only write when  inspired.

Having said that, I did manage to transcribe some of that content over to this webpage, where below you will find it copied and accompanied by some commentary that hopefully will shed light on the origins and meanings behind the seemingly  complex statements documented over the past few years.




Zen Papoose Quotes & Koans

This page provides the material published on the Zen Taoism Facebook page for Papoose with some additional commentary and insights into the meaning behind the words.

Buddhism philosophy with Taoist Inner Alchemy is the union of the concepts joined with the actions, both working independently.

Zen mind provides the framework for the Tao to be integrated at the level of experiencing life moments.

Once found, zen is tossed aside to rest on the back burners, running copilot, navigating obstacles effortlessly. Always ensuring inner joy and maximum enjoyment are fed regularly. The zen mind does not grasp tightly onto zen, abandoning attachments caused from zen found as quickly as they begin.

The zen mind has no zen, only zazen practice. That is the word Buddha defined; awareness without self.

self without Self, only spirit mind free of the cycles, focused on emptiness, runs the path of the Tao with Zen slippers guiding his feet.

Zen Taoism is the continual race building ahead, collapsing behind, only appearing in the very now to form the pavement and support each slipper's steady gait.

This is the most unfortunate of all the truths of Taoism and Zen. Of course the next question is: why?

Because even the most evil, corrupt, idiotic, uneducated, ignorant, emotionally empty, unknowledgeable, and hate filled of humanity is still already a Taosit and already has Zen mind. The next question is of course: how is that possible?

It is very possible, and to understand that, you must understand Zen. And to understand Zen, you must attain enlightenment. And to attain enlightenment, you must seek out enlightenment. And to seek out enlightenment, you must let go of the hate, anger, evil, and other forms of negativity.

Buddhism offers the concepts. Taoism offers the actions. They both work independently, yes that is true, but they can both work independently in unison as well. In order to apply Taoist practices, having a basis of the Buddhist fundamentals is essential. Without them, it would be like swimming across a lake without ever taking a swimming lesson. Sure, a natural swimmer might make it across, but even a natural swimmer would benefit from understanding the concepts of swimming before taking on such a great exercise across a lake. Our minds are lakes; filled with useful water that nourishes our bodies. Our bodies are lakes; that our minds travel through continuously to sustain itself. That is the sole purpose of the body, to keep the mind alive. Likewise, the purpose of the mind is to keep the body alive. They work together to sustain each other, and in this manner, Buddhism and Taoism must work together so that they can Zen together. And when they Zen together, we Zen together.

Once you find and attain Zen, it is not something you hold onto. It is not something you place on a shelf or store for later use. It is a milestone that you surpass and continue along your quest. Thus, once found, Zen must be tossed away or it was never attained in the first place.

Everyone is already a Taoist. Everyone already has zen mind. You have only to realize it. We are all Zen Taoists.

Love is a more powerful force than any evil force in the universe. Stronger than Satan himself is a single drop of loving kindness. Attaining Zen in every moment is easy, but how easily is Zen confused with magic and sorcery. When I wrote this, I was surrounded by hate and evil. Hate is a powerful force, but only if you allow it to be. It is at the mercy of your love, and with love, hate has no power. It is like the mud below a lotus flower; it may be dirty, but it is beneath us.

An age of enlightenment is sparked by one single loving thought of selfless kindness. How easy then it is to attain zen every moment.

Two days after my first post, I posted this short little pearl. This quick lesson was intended for my soldiers and warriors across the great divide who stood watch as I defended against an attack from an unknown group of assailants who outnumbered me by over a thousand to one.

Yet, even with a number so far greater than me on my own, they were unable to understand the very simple nature of change, and for that, such persons would be unable to realize or attain the beauty found in every-moment Zen.

With every beat of our heart, we are a different being. Even between the beats, we reemerge into the world ourselves anew as magnificent beings of light and power. To understand and realize this nature of our own being is to have control and dominance over that power that influences others and decides their fate.

We are all victims here. That is the very nature of our existence, and for that, there is no escape. To fight against that fact or act in a manner inconsistent with the punishment implied by our very existence, is to deny the very essence of the exit from the cycle of birth and death, and thus become trapped indefinitely in the great cosmic cycle of the big wheel.

Zen mind, Buddha mind, is beginner's mind. Everyone is reborn with change every moment. That is the simple nature of Zen. Therefore, we must forgive the past, even if it seems to happen now. That time is over.

This post was published January 14th, 2017. At this time, I found myself surrounded on all sides by enemies, yet still found time to create a hidden sense of peace within myself.

They key word there is 'hidden,' for the more the enemies learned of my inner peace and calm, the more determined they became to disturb and uproot it from me.

While in all practical applications, such a feat would be impossible, it still remained in my best interest to keep my inner joy hidden, though without their knowledge, I began this Facebook page, and this was the first post.

This particular post was actually intended to be read by them as it addresses them directly and offers instruction on how they could begin to rid themselves of the burden of hate they were and continue to carry on themselves. Like a donkey with too many sacks on his back to gracefully scale the mountainside, their knees buckled under the weight of their own stupidity.

To achieve zen, you have to surrender the search while maintaining the momentum. Sure many times I quit, thought I reached zen too early, and other obstacles for every path towards zen, but the path remains.

Zazen is the activity of practicing zen, or meditating, because zen cannot be practiced. It is the Buddha mind attained from practicing Zazen effortlessly. Zen mind is your brain unconditioned.

The Buddha is you, not me. Zen is Zazen attainment flowing in cycles within us like energy fountains. Hence, Zen Taoism, the two intertwined paths of liberation.

Right speech is a safe starting step along the way, or the path. Nobody can show or teach you zen, because nobody else exists outside of your mind's creations. For us, they are mostly sight and sound, but of course all senses are mental formations.

Siddhartha attained Buddha mind and documented his way for the rest. That is Buddhism, which is not zen. Zen is yours alone. See it? Now you do, briefly.

When in Zazen, the eightfold path unfolds for you. That path ends suffering. Zazen is zen on the path. There is zen entirely. That is the Buddha mind.

Right Speech

Speak less overall, but contribute more talks on peacefulness. Know your words' implied interpretations and affects on the rest, the not-you.

Avoid belittling, mocking, sarcasm, and anger-fueled words. When it happens again, correct your path, speech has steered you off course. Speak honest, clear, compassionate, and meaningful words to not-you. Failing that is always your fault, because only you exist.

Smoking, sugars, animal diets, and non-edible ingredients cause poor speech. Once you are ready for the next step, then proceed, but do not suddenly instruct Right Speech to the rest. There is only you.

#2: Right Concentration


(Yes, there is a spoon)