Punny Jokes 101

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First volume of Punny Jokes by Papoose with the raw, uncut riddles that formed the basis of the Punny Jokes series by P! of PDP.

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Punny Jokes 101

Papoose has created a formula for producing phonetically similar sentences that form the basis for the punny jokes 101 that readers get to enjoy.

While the formula may be intangible and nondescript, it somehow manages to manifest at critical moments necessary to establish the witticisms so cleverly crafted into riddle-styled Q&As we have come to coin and enjoy as punny jokes.

While these jokes were originally intended for all audiences, by the end, they just didn’t turn out that way, so parents are strongly cautioned to make sure children are at least eleven (11) years old or older before enjoying the entertainment available here as a digital download.

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