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    Dog Bathing

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    $12.50$14.00 Select options

    Dog Bathing Service

    The AWLGC provides dog bathing services for local canines for a minimal fee of $12.50, which covers the cost of the various products we use and a wage for the staff to perform the service.

    The products used on each canine include the following:

    1. Flea & Tick Shampoo (eliminates / kills any fleas on contact and ticks not already burrowed under the skin)
    2. Tea Tree Oil (heals skin, antimicrobial/homeopathic)
    3. Human-grade hair conditioner (smells good, softens coat/fur/hair)
    4. Fragrant body wash (human-grade, removes dirt/mud from coat; especially important for dogs with hair instead of fur)
    5. Dr. Bronner’s medicated soap (deep cleaning, all natural, homeopathic cleanser without any irritants)
    6. Anti-bacterial all natural shampoo for dogs (soothes skin and eliminates minor irritations)
    7. Peppermint oil (repels insects naturally/homeopathic)
    8. Sheep dip (as needed; ivermectin for heavy infestations or severe parasitic issues; extra $1.50 added to service)

    Dog Sit

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    $6.00$20.00 Select options

    Daytime Dog Sitting

    The AWLGC provides dog sitting services per hour for locals in the community who require either infrequent or regular doggie daycare for their loved one.

    Dog Sitting is provided on a first come, first serve basis with a maximum of up to six dogs at any one given time.

    Please call us in advance to check availability and book a spot on our calendar before showing up with your pet.

    Purchases of this product/service are intended for confirmed and scheduled dog sitting / day care for a specific pet.

    Payments must be made in advance.

    Again, please contact us in advance to schedule a date and time for puppy daycare.