Sit Papoose

Dog Sitting & Boarding

Papoose Doorbelle Publishing has under its umbrella the AWLGC. Within the AWLGC are certain products and services tailored to help people in the community live their lives without having to worry about their pets every waking minute they are away from home. Enter Sit Papoose services.

Dog Sitting

Need someone to watch your pet while you're away for a few hours or at work either one time or regularly? The AWLGC offers a cage-free environment for canines to enjoy with other well-behaved dogs to keep them occupied while their masters are away.

We don't believe in cages; never have and never will. Our dogs are free to roam around the house and property (on leashes outside). They get along great with other dogs, and the two-person staff are highly trained and highly effective when it comes to controlling canine behavior.


We do have some rules: dogs must be clean, disease/flea/tick-free, properly manicured, housebroken, friendly, not an attack dog or overly aggressive, and a generally nice, well-behaved being. If your dog requires any of the above mentioned services upon arrival, then we will perform them and charge a minimal fee as follows:

  1. Muddy or dirty dogs that show clear signs of lack of bathing from either visible dirt stains or a smell will be properly bathed (weather permitting) and the dog bathing service product will be charged. ($12.50)
  2. If your dog walks on their own nails or their nails are intertwined or otherwise ridiculously long to the point that it is negatively affecting their health or safety, then a fee will be charged for manicuring the dog and the owner will be educated on how to properly manicure their pet on a weekly basis.
  3. If your dog is not housebroken or a very young puppy, then there are certain inherent risks to the other dogs in the pack that we may or may not be willing to take. This is decided on a case by case basis and cuteness is not a factor (all puppies are cute, we know.)
  4. If your dog attacks me or the members of the AWLGC pack then one of two things will happen: I show him who's boss or he sees I'm the boss.

First, Confirm Date & Date

To set up a date and time for dog sitting, please contact us directly to check our calendar and schedule a daycare date, or for those who require more regular daycare services, a schedule either weekly or monthly or however we work it out.

For more immediate responses in the case of short notice, please contact us directly at (707) PUP-LUV9.

After Confirming

Once confirmed, you can make payment by purchasing the hours agreed to by clicking here.