Welcome to the AWLGC's donations page.
Here you can use PayPal to make donations to help the AWLGC team and the canines we save.



Donations provided to the AWLGC are used to pay for such things as:

  • Saving / Rescuing new dogs (Buying dogs at risk of being put down at kill shelters)
  • Buying food for AWLGC dogs
  • Training dogs in preparation for adoption
  • Running background checks on potential adopters of pets
  • Providing medical support / prescriptions / medicines for dogs of the AWLGC
  • Supplies for AWLGC dogs
  • Paying for miscellaneous supplies related to AWLGC requirements
  • Building and maintaining shelters, dog runs, and other dog necessities the AWLGC needs in order to operate effectively.

Below is the donate button.

Please click the button if you wish to donate to the AWLGC.