Dog Care & Walks (Runs)

Puppy Care & Dog Walk

Puppies need lots of care and attention.

Dogs need to be walked regularly.

Puppies need to be walked even more than that.

And dogs need care and attention almost as much as puppies.

Papoose Cares

Papoose Doorbelle Publishing (PDP) offers a service through AWLGC that provides puppies and dogs with in home care and/or walks.

Some dogs are strictly indoor dogs, and for them, walks aren't necessary. This is typical of smaller or toy dogs. This may also apply to puppies who are too young yet to be potty trained or housebroken. In that case, we offer an in home service where we send a highly skilled and vetted canine expert or lover to your home to care for your pet up to three times per day while your away. During that time, our experts feed your pet, refill the water, clean any potty places, and play with your pet for a short time.

Some dogs love the outdoors or need to be taken out regularly or both. In these cases, this is for all dogs who don't fall into the previous category. We send dog experts and/or dog lovers who pass our stringent review and approval processes before being given the responsibility of having access to our client's property, especially their beloved pets.

Risk Management

When it comes to people's pets and homes, Papoose believes in a zero risk scenario. That is to say, Papoose Doorbelle Publishing tolerates absolutely no risk whatsoever when it comes to the trust clients place in the AWLGC for taking care of their pets and accessing their property..

Any staff member or employee hired by the AWLGC, and therefore by Papoose Doorbelle Publishing, is subject to a substantial amount of scrutiny and review to determine if they qualify to handle such a responsibility.

Team members who pass our interview process are vetted for drug-free status, no alcohol consumption (period!), absolutely no criminal background of any sort, and a number of psychological exams to determine the probability of the new hire abusing the trust we would be instilling in them. If the probability is greater than zero, then we move on to the next candidate.

Indoor House Visits

For dogs that only require a home visit to check on the pet for anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes and/or cats, but in both cases pets that never leave the inside of the home, we have our Indoor House Visits service.

Please check the purchase page for details on the pricing tier for this service and the discounts available for multiple day purchases. Please also contact us before making a purchase to check availability.

Outdoor House Visits

For dogs that require exercise as well as in home service, such as cleaning, feeding, and watering, which are all provided in the Indoor House Visits, we recruit team members that are not only vetted as mentioned above, but also in good to excellent physical shape so that they can challenge a canine athletically by taking it on a run of anywhere from 30 minutes to 50 minutes on each visit.

In these cases, visits tend to last up to an hour and a half or even more, and no more than two such visits are ever necessary on a given day, with a single visit typically enough to give a dog its fill of daily exercise. A second visit might be appropriate for highly active or hyper young adult dogs who need to get all that pent up energy out.

Please note, that the daycare or boarding service does not provide the same level of exercise as the Outdoor House Visits. This is the only service we offer that guarantees to have your best friend get their daily dose of exercise without needing a long walk again later that day.

Our team does not use bicycles or vehicles or skateboards or any other tools. We train our team members to run alongside the pet on foot, and we only hire team members that are capable of running at a fast speed for over a half hour and up to an hour or two at a time. Each team member is given a maximum of four runs per day, and our guarantee is that your dog will sleep at night instead of rummaging around with pent up energy.

Try our Outdoor House Visit (coming soon) for three days and see the difference for yourself. Contact us to check availability.


Nothing is worse than having to leave your pet in a cage for days on end in some shelter or cold, scary commercial boarding facility for dogs. The AWLGC takes a different approach.

We provide up to a maximum of five days (flexible and negotiable depending on circumstances) and only take a maximum of two dogs at a time. Therefore, our schedule fills up quick, and future customers should plan in advance to take advantage of this service.

So, why would anyone want this over standard boarding when the price is so much higher? The answer is simple. Boarding your dog in some heartless facility where they spend most of their time in cages traumatizes the pet and leads to separation anxiety over time.

With our program, we never cage animals. The AWLGC prides itself on this one very simple point: we don't save dogs only to put them in cages. Pets that are accepted for boarding with us are treated like family; like a member of the pack. And when it's time to pick up your loved one, you'll see the difference.

Our animals all get along because the co-founder understands pack animals and is the alpha at all times. Thus, the pets are not stressed with the responsibility of having to lead the pack. They are relaxed, at ease, comfortable, and play with each other like puppies. Adding another member to the pack is no easy task for most, but for us, it's a natural, seamless transition that other dogs immediately adjust to.

While staying with us, the guest pet is treated with equal love and attention as the member canines of the AWLGC. We all sleep together in the same room; no cages, no restraints; just a floor covered with dog beds of all sizes, surrounding my bed. The dogs eat together, play together, take walks together, take naps together, learn tricks for snacks together, and even run errands with me together. They don't leave our side.

And since the AWLGC is a nonprofit organization (despite the fact that PDP is not), the price of this service is equivalent to the costs associated with providing this service, with no extra charges to gain profit.

We charge per 24 hour period, with a one day minimum and a five day maximum. Boarding (coming soon) must be arranged at least 7 days in advance, leaving enough time for a quick 15 minute meet and greet of the guest pet and the AWLGC canine staff (as well as the actual staff members). Please contact us to check availability.

Once a pet has been approved and the schedule agreed to, feel free to pay in advance by clicking here.