P!apoose knows dogs. Training a canine takes time, patience, a true sense of alpha dominance, and knowledge.

Canines that graduate training with P!apoose are highly trained, obedient, loyal best friends for life that become an asset to their new families the first day they join them.

There are two forms of training that P!apoose offers.

The first is training for other owner's dogs. In these cases, puppies or even adult dogs most likely already know a few tricks.

We train the dogs to be obedient, follow instruction, go potty on command, follow the owner at their side or behind with command-prompted turns and stops.

They learn standard tricks, but more importantly, they learn to obey the owner's commands and desires. For example, if the owner wants their dog to stay off the furniture, or only at certain times, we instill that in the pet.

To enroll your canine in our training program, please click here.

The second form of training occurs when we take in a stray or abandoned dog. Should the animal be a puppy, then they go through full training in preparation for adoption.

If the dog is older, then they are given as much training as necessary to either be included in the pack properly or be adopted as a housebroken family pet.

Puppies that are too young have to wait until they are at least three or four months old before they can begin training.

Dogs that are over six years old do not qualify for training with P!apoose.