P!apoose will make adoption available to customers based on stringent guidelines that ensures that highly trained pets P!apoose unleashes on the world are put into loving families.

Adoption by P!apoose follows stringent guidelines. Canines that undergo P!apoose training and are the right age for both training and adoption are rare.

But in those rare cases when we get a puppy young enough to go through the complete training and then join a family before adulthood, we handpick the perfect family for those pups.

Our trained canines are not cheap. We do not profit from the adoptions, but we do cover the costs of shelter, medical treatment, advanced training, diets that mimic a wildlife habitat, and other necessary expenses.

Once ready for adoption, a puppy from P!apoose is filled with more commands, tricks, and habits than most owners can remember. Our dogs listen, obey, love, protect, alarm, and become the best friend every owner wants in a pet.

To apply for consideration of adoption for one of our highly trained canines, please click here. (Link coming soon)