AWLGC Mission Statement

The purpose of the Animal Welfare League of Greenup County (AWLGC) is to stop, prevent, and relieve suffering among all animals, both domestic and wild, of every type whatsoever and to foster and spread the principles of humane treatment of all animals both by individuals and the community as a whole through active engagement and pursuit of the above goals and education of others as to the necessity and requirements involved in achieving the above purposes, and any and all other purposes, incident or desirable, in connection with the above, including the raising of funds to facilitate achievement of these goals and to fulfill any and all purposes for which a nonstock, nonprofit corporation pursuant to K.R.S. Chapter 273, may be formed, provided that the corporation shall not engage in any activity which would cause it to be denied nonprofit status by any taxing authority.

AWLGC Donations

Donations to the AWLGC are used for the purposes of rescuing, feeding, training, caring for, medicating, and sheltering animals that can be domesticated and adopted by safe, pet-friendly families. AWLGC focuses mainly on canines, but will also help, support, and protect any animal per the mission statement. Donations are tax deductible, and receipts are provided should the electronic proof of payment be insufficient. Donate to the AWLGC here.


Reopened and (soon to be) reactivated as of May 2019, the AWLGC is accepting communications from interested parties regarding the saving, rescuing, adopting, sheltering, or caring for animals that need help. Please use the contact form to get in touch.


The first member of the AWLGC, as well as the silent owner of the whole conglomerate, founder and lone wolf leader Papoose Doorbelle (the second) was the first canine to join Papoose's nonprofit division.

Pappy Frowning Image
Poppy Frowning

The second member of the AWLGC, and quite possibly the best member on account of her cuteness as well as the best person on the planet on account of how good of a person she is for a dog is our little ball of sunshine, Booboo.

Booboo happy image
Booboo Screaming with joy