Emerging authors / writers / literary artists,

P!apoose takes great pride in offering new, undiscovered, and/or emerging writers the opportunity to fulfill their lifelong (or temporary, spur of the moment, passing, fleeting, ignorable, undefined, etc. etc.) dream of getting published without the painful and pitiful self-publishing, childish contests, or the dreaded hardcopy submissions to the cold and judgmental dinosaurs of yesterennials.

P!apoose presents a whole new approach to publishing. To the right are two different methods to submit a manuscript. These options will change infrequently, and may or may not be repeated in the future. Writers selected for publication will have their work copy-edited to house styles (think Chicago 16th meets Eastern Standard Time with a British accent).

Authors get a full suite of dedicated resources from P!apoose. The list of benefits grows gradually, and the available spots for new writers is both diverse and available across almost all genres equally.

To the right are two challenges. Pick one, or both, or neither and try submitting something of your own. Once you have a manuscript ready to submit, please use the contact form. Please note our Privacy Policy, Confidentiality notice, Terms of Use, and eQuality rights.

Rules of Writing P!apoose 101

  1. There is absolutely no quoting or citing of other authors. If it is not your own original thought, then don't write or type it. Not as a reference. Not as a citation. Not okay.
  2. Absolutely no porn, sexual abuse, rape, child abuse or revenge resulting from such acts. References to such actions are frowned upon unless a necessary element in building an otherwise tasteful plot line that is not dependent on those actions or references to attract readers. Meaning, don't add those elements unnecessarily just to elicit emotion without implementing carefully crafted writing and/or wordsmithing technique.
  3. An author must invent at least one single form of constricted writing mechanism they impose on themselves.
  4. Minimum of 25000 words and a maximum of 60000 words with some flexibility on the maximum provided the author doesn't add fluff just to increase page count without adding value to the plot.
  5. No gratuitous scenes of any kind. That includes such chapters such as Jennifer Aston trying on different dresses for her friend's wedding while music plays in the background, to James getting a young body double to scream "Oh" seven times before the action scene the next morning, to any other writing that has a "cameo" feel to it. P!apoose is interested in original work, not a college student's take on what size Mary's lamb was.
  6. If it's already been done, then don't do it again with new characters and a cooler backdrop. Write something nobody has ever written before.
  7. Spell check your work. Perform a halfway decent self edit of your work to determine if the plot makes sense, the words are the ones you intended to display in each sentence, and that they combine to tell a unique and original story nobody else has ever told before.
  8. Once submitted for copy-editing, writers release PDP of any and all liability related to their written manuscripts. Authors accept full responsibility and consequences for any acts of plagiarism, libel, harassment, mischief, or any other forms of criminal offenses capable of being committed by the spilling of their ink (except if you drop a squid).
  9. Authors will not engage in any form of bullying, harassment, threats, abuse, main streaminess, copying, stealing, unoriginality, non-ironic or non-satirical sarcasm, or nonconstructive criticism.
  10. Writers, authors, owners of original work accepted for and copy-edited / formatted / published by P!apoose agree to release / sell their completed work by P!apoose through this website or its channels once all vetting processes are complete.

Don't know what to write? These projects are available and awaiting manuscripts by the next great fiction writers of our generation:

Challenge 1:

Fairy Tale crossed with a religious Sci-Fi tale of a vampire who brings inanimate objects to life and the dialogues that ensue once those objects are alive and her new friends.


Challenge 2:

A horse's (or cow's, pig's, dog's, squirrel's, cat's, etc.) legs and tail all come alive as separate beings from the animal but only in an alternate dimension that allows the animal to remain in control of its body in this dimension. Humans find out, and the drama ensues.


Challenge 3: 

The number six dies, and humanity must now change everything to adjust to the lack of six in their lives. Nine tries to commit suicide, but eight is forcibly removed, and ten consoles her back as the exile leaves humanity with a new base-8 digit system, which is impossible, since 8 was exiled. Discuss.


Challenge 4:  

Every person's thumbs fall off and humanity immediately devolves so that apes and monkeys are now more evolved. Ashamed by their lack of thumb, humans surrender peacefully, and the dialogue begins.


Visit the Contact page to submit your edited manuscript for publication by P!apoose.