Papoose’s Privacy Policy

Papoose values privacy. Nothing is worse than having our privacy invaded or violated. To that end, Papoose maintains strict privacy policies.

These policies are as follows:

  1. Customer or visitor information is never sold, shared, leased, rented, revealed, or disclosed to any third parties no matter what.
  2. Papoose may store cookies or temporary files on your computer or device. This may occur in cases where visitors are performing transactions or logging in or out of the account features.
  3. Papoose may gather information about visitors such as their location, the time they accessed the website, the pages they viewed, any actions taken or performed on those pages, and the IP address used to access these pages.
  4. Should any visitor, guest, customer, or the like violate or abuse the trust provided visitors of this website by attempting to access, hack, break, attack, or otherwise disrupt the functionality of this website, related resources, and/or data stored by Papoose, then all bets are off. Papoose will gather all available information about the person or party violating the trust implied by visiting this website and use that information in a manner the threatening agent will most likely not enjoy or appreciate.
  5. To avoid becoming enemies, Papoose does not instigate or initiate any acts against any person, group, or party; however, any person, group, or party posing or imposing a threat against this organization, its brand, or its affiliates or subsidiaries in direct violation of any of the terms and conditions of this organization nullifies this privacy policy and is not subject to the protection afforded by such policy.
  6. Those visitors, persons, parties, groups, customers, and/or the like who honor, respect, and follow the terms and conditions of this organization have, are, and will continue to be protected by Papoose’s strict privacy policy, which, for all intents and purposes, is non-negotiable and unbreakable.
  7. No agency, party, authority, declaration, and/or body, whether domestic or international, will be granted access to proprietary or privileged information of this organization, including the information of customers, unless that information belongs to an entity that has violated #4 above.
  8. Papoose does not store any data of a confidential nature, such as credit card, bank, or identification information, of guests and customers, and any such requests of that nature should be immediately reported to
  9. In summary, visitors, guests, and customers enjoying this website, related resources, and those of our subsidiaries in the manner in which they were intended (for entertainment and educational purposes) can rest assured that Papoose would rather go broke than sell even a single data value of information gathered about you.
  10. I wouldn’t want it done to me, so I won’t do it to you.
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