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Papoose Doorbelle started out as a vision of a better world. Eventually, that dream got narrowed down to three main components all revolving around the central theme of healthy canine authors.


Papoose Doorbelle Publishing (PDP) started out as a single person on a quest to create something unique, great, and valuable.

In 2017, PDP partnered with Pharmhandz (pH), a pharmaceutical consulting organization led by one of the most knowledgeable and seasoned professionals in the industry.

In 2019, PDP partnered with the Animal Welfare League of Greenup County (AWLGC), a nonprofit that saves, rescues, rehabilitates, and protects canines throughout the area.

Now, PDP consists of the founder, Ken, the CEO of pH, Anita, and currently three lovable puppies (Papoose, Purple, and Booboo) under the AWLGC subsidiary for a total of five members.


Pharmhandz Associates  is a subsidiary of PDP with the goal of providing excellent, white-glove service, support, and consult to various clients in the pharmacy and healthcare industry.

Pharmhandz has gradually branched out to provide additional offerings, such as franchise opportunities to prospective pharmacy owners, various documents and deliverables related to Pharma and pharmacy operations, and human resource management.

With over forty years cumulative experience between the two of them in operations, regulatory affairs, customer service, marketing, information technology, leadership, and branding, the pH team can offer any organization in the industry the opportunity to expand and diversify.


Started back in 1975 by Anita's ancestors, the AWLGC has a long standing tradition of supporting, rescuing, and managing up to three dozen canines at any given time.

After a few years away on business, the team is back to rebuild the AWLGC to its former glory; although, with the two new owners both suffering from severe allergies, having over 30 dogs again might exceed the maximum capacity.

With the proper resources, the team hopes to rebuild the AWLGC to care for up to a dozen canines at a time, preparing them for adoption to a safe family once healthy enough and well trained to integrate and obey as a lovable family pet.


The team is always working on improving, refining, and expanding our offerings to the public. As we grow, the team will grow as well, and in due time, PDP may eventually become the parent company to even more organizations delivering good onto the world.

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