P!apoose books

Torture Trials Series (Ages 13+)

Am I God, Gobland

by Ken Dizzik

Zenless Ken

by Papoose Doorbelle

Sheep In Wolf's Clothes

by Papoose Doorbelle

Punny Jokes Series (Ages 13+)

Punny Jokes 101

by Papoose Doorbelle  To purchase, Click here

Punny Jokes 102

by Papoose Doorbelle  To Purchase, Click Here

Pharmacy Collection (Health Professionals Only)

PCAB Manual

by Dr. Anita Berkley

Transfer RXs SOP & WIs

by Chen Dushek

Coordinating Prior Authorizations SOP & WIs

by Chen Dushek

Papoose Universe Series (Ages 9+)

Zen of Gob Goblin

by P!apoose  To Purchase, Click Here

I Am Zen

(Coming Soon)
by P!apoose

I Am Gob Goblin

(Coming Soon)
by P!apoose