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The summer months are a time of running around grassy areas, rolling around in the dirtiest spots they can find, and then hugging you and jumping all over you right afterwards.

Most dog owners welcome this behavior, and we at the AWLGC are no exceptions. However, there is a downside, though there aren’t many. But one common problem that will occur among almost all dog owners is the issue of ticks.


Typically, flea and tick powders, shampoos, and medicines eliminate fleas without any problems. Ticks, however, have become a growing concern, and short-term solutions, such as flea and tick shampoo seem to have less and less effectiveness as summer approaches.

Common Solutions

Loading up our pets with harmful and dangerous chemicals might seem like an easy solution, but on top of the fact that they aren’t 100% effective, they also reduce the longevity of our beloved pets. That means our dogs won’t live as long.

It’s ultimately simple math. The more chemicals and unnatural products we ingest, inhale, or otherwise consume, the shorter our lifespans will be.

The problem is that even if we prevent ticks from attacking our dogs, we don’t prevent them from hitching a ride in their fur to attack us or invade our homes.

Diatomaceous Earth

There is however a simple solution to preventing ticks from invading our homes, beds, and even our bodies.

Diatomaceous Earth dries out the exoskeleton of all insects by attaching itself to the insect and then dehydrating it of all of its moisture.

Some insects last a couple of weeks once the powder touches them, but most don’t make it past a few hours, and ticks are no exception.

Within six hours of coming in contact with the safe (to us), nontoxic powder, insects dry out and die.


So, what’s the solution?

Simple, take a few pinches of powder and put in on the dog’s fur or hair.

Rub the powder into the fur. A cloud of powder should fill the room. That is normal.

Make sure to spread the powder thoroughly all over the dog’s body and head (behind the ears, under the tail, everywhere).

You can also powder corners of the rooms in your house, window sills, and areas outside where the dog(s) lay down. Anywhere insects (specifically ticks) might be found.

Repeat after every time you give the dog a bath (and the dog is thoroughly dry). Best to wait a day or so before applying the Diatomaceous Earth powder after a bath to ensure the dog is completely dry.

Side Effects

The powder is completely harmless to humans and canines, so there is no worry of any side effects from its use.

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