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Neighborhood Scam Calls

Neighborhood Scam Calls are a problem because when a caller uses the same area code and the same prefix as the one you have, they can trick you into answering the phone and then proceed to run some sort of scam. The Idea The idea is that people are more likely to answer the phone…

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Microwaves for Pets

Simple Solution for Keeping Dogs Healthy Dog food is not exactly the most reliable source of nutrition for any type of animal. The food wouldn’t pass human grade inspection if it was tested by a blind person. Reality of Pet Food Chances are that dog food contains worms or other parasites that can make your…

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Life Hack(-free)

Verifying Email Senders – Life Hack(-free) A lot of us take our emails for granted. Often, we read an email’s content without first verifying the sender. You might receive a hundred emails from your bank in a month, but one of those might be a spoof sent by a hacker. It’s simple to verify a…

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